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Sound Quality

Strong point of the guitar. Has the clear crisp Mahogany sound with some real nice overtones.Balanced, can be strummed hard or soft. I finger pick mine, very versatile does all styles well. I play blues, rock jazz and folk. I had a D-18GE for about a year and I prefer the tone of the D-18V. Simply put one of the best sounding Martins I`ve heard. The scalloped forward shifted bracing produces a lively loud guitar.


No worries.

General Comments

Been playing 45 years, mostly acoustic. Have an HD-28 as well. Electrics are all Heatley Custom buids. Over the years to many..Their is nothing but the tuners I would change and the stock ones are OK. Sound and playability are superb. IMHO many people go to the much hyped GE series. The Big V neck and 1 3/4 nut on the GE made it uncomfortable to play. Personally I found the D-18V superior in tone and playability.

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