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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

The sound you get from this pedal is awesome, better than a lot of expensive overdrives. Really warm and fat sound, maybe not what you want if you are looking for a thin and trebly sound. Personally, I have the treble knob all the way up and tweak the bass knob, but this depends on the amp I am gonna user it. Not so much distortion, it has just the amount of gain that an overdrive pedal should have. I like the character of the overdiven sounds it produces. Pretty good for country, blues, soft rock. I also use the pedal for direct recording and it is amazing! The cab simulation is very good (surprisingly good for such a cheap pedal). As a booster, it may work for some amps and not for others.


I own it for about 3 years, no problem till now. It is metallic and built like a tank!

General Comments

Very good value for money! It is said to be a TubeScreamer clone but I haven't used both with the same gear to say it. But it is more practical for sure as it has a great feature: the emulated output. Did your amp stopped working while in a gig? Just plug the pedal into the PA! Tired of recording with amps, mics etc? Plug it into your audio interface!


It sounds great it it definitely worths its money! The only thing I would like it to have is a 3-band eq with the addition of a "mid" knob. So, I will rate it with a 9.

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