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Sound Quality

I have a Fender Mexican Tele, Fender Jimmy Vaughn Signature Strat with Rio Grandes, a G&L Skyhawk (superb strat), a G&L ASAT Jr (custom shop ASAT Special single coils, a C.P.Thorton strat with Lindy Fralin vintage hot strat pickups and a C.P. Thorton with dual SDuncan humbers (Jazz and JB with coil-tap). The Peavey Classics all prefer single coils (P90s sound soooo nice). Humbers are also nice but I prefer that way single coils interact with these amps. Great amp for jazz, blues, countery, rock (everything except Hi-gain rock and Metal). Amp is relatively quiet for a tube amp (much more so that my friends Deluxe Reverb, and Victoria amps). Clean channel is not super clean at high volumes (only 30 watts) but much cleaner than you would expect from and amp this size. Quote: my former amp tech and good friend A/B'd it against his Matchless SC30 during Country Night and the local (Barnboard) tavern. He said, "Well, its not quite a Matchless but its the best thing that Peavey done for getting the sound I want in a LOUD, SRVish country-rock trio). Only $600 list? I could buy two and still spend far less than what my Matchless costs (his Matchless sounds incredible).


Peavey has the lowest failure rate (of the big companies) in the industry. My amp is still very new, but in 5 years of selling them I only had to return 1 amp (faulty reverb). The 30 watt versions don't chew up tubes like a high-gain higer wattage amp.

General Comments

I've been a hack for 4 years. I just started playing (seriously on 1/1/00 after I closed my store). I sold my Marshall JTM60 yesterday as I prefered the Peavey. I use a Delay, Chorus, Morley JD pedals. I would buy one again. I love the sound, color, look, size (I'm scrawny-assed at 140 lbs and 6 feet tall). I've compared it to many other amps and its a great BANG for the BUCK.

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