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Sound Quality

<< What set-up ? >> Boss Compressor -> Mesa/Boogie Triaxis -> Rocktron Intellifex -> Mesa/Boogie 50/50 Power Amp -> 2 1912 Marshall cabs I play a 1977 US Strat and a Yamaha Pacifica. << Is it noisy >> No! There is no compressor, EQ or drive pre-amp too mess up the tone. I bought this unit in preference to the TC Electronics G-Force which does have a pre-amp drive and compressor. Completely clean sounds. << Are the effects weak or do they sound great? >> The sound quality of the effects is very good. The mixer takes care of the mix levels. << What amp are you using ? >> See setup. << Can I get the sounds of my favourite artists ? >> Prefer to work on my own sounds. I'm still trying to get that Dominic Miller(Stings guitarist) clean, chorus, delay with big sustain sound. << Are certain effects very good ? >> The reverb, chorus and delay are very good. I'm not really into pitch shifting so my comments on that aren't worth typing.


<< Can I depend on it ? >> So far so good! << Use it on a gig without a backup ? >> I've got a Boss SE50 multi-effects unit (very old!) waiting in the wings just in case!

General Comments

Nothing is worth a 10. I give this unit an 8 and would recommend that anyone looking for a 1U high effects unit offering very good clean sounding time based effects shoud check the Intellifex out. This is a perfect match for the TriAxis in my opinion. Why go and ruin the sounds of your pre-amp with an effects unit with an in-built pre-amp.



Verdict - very good !!

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