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J'on Rider

Gretsch Guitars G5120 Electromatic Hollow Body with Dual-Coil Pickups

Sound Quality

I have been playing Les Pauls for over 50 years as well as Mosrite and Fender. Of them all I must say the G5120 for the price is the best value I have come across. The sound and playability on the one I have equals and in some ways passes my Pauls my "61" SG and my standard, classic and deluxe Pauls. Compared to Fender the Gretsch G5120 has left all of my Fenders in the dust about two miles back. The sound goes from deep and rich, full of color to bright and twangy when needed for surf music or heavy speed riffs. My wife says I sometimesplay my GRETSCH more than....you figure it out.


I have hooked this unit up to both my Fender Twin Reverb and my Marshall JM2000 with no feedback within two feet on clean. However if driving some high volume with overdrive or distortion I did experience some minor, quickly adjustable feedback. No real issue here. The strap buttons were a nice surprise as I've always used strap locks but now with the light weight and beefy strap buttons on this rig I see no need to use the strap locks,and I do rock hard at times. This has proven to be one dependable, standup guitar and with the quality built in and the overall appearance I am amazed at the price tag.


General Comments

I have been playing since age 4, yep 4. It's a wonder my mom didn't pop out a guitar right after me. I've played Gibson all my life in addition to Dean, BC Rich, Fender of every model, Mosrite doubleneck which I still play, and more. I've run through Fender, Marshall, Gibson and Vox amps and sound is crucial to me in every facet. This Gretsch Model G5120 built in 2008 is a first rate quality instrument in every detail. She plays like a $1200+ rig in most everyway. Stays in tune, handles smooth and at the end of the night I'm not as tired as a whole night with my Paul straped over my shoulder. I feel sorry for my Pauls though as they sit on stage and watch me wail with my G5120.

Reviewer's Background

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