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Sound Quality

It sounds so nice. It's warm and rich clean, and bites your head off if you want it to. Only drawback? A little noisy with stock pups- but even the best single coil pups (non humbuck) are like that. This is typical and not excessive. I just love it. There is actually a lot of tonal variation. Neck pup it's thick and mean for blues. Bridge bites hard (a good thing). Overdriven it's more strat than tele. split pups (2nd 4th positions) nice tinny quack. Don't confuse this with the Squiers of today- they really suck. This one is a true winner.


I take good care of my stuff. But once it slid off the wall onto the floor. No damage. Finish is shiny and perfect. Black w white pickguard. Maple neck. No wear at all. Solid guitar. I've read from some that they think it's plywood. No, it isn't. I've had the guard off. What it actually is? Not sure, I'm thinking alder, though it does look a little like ash, but don't expect that from a Squier. It's VERY hard wood and VERY heavy. Heavier than a US Strat by far. Strap buttons? Totally tight from day 1. I'd use it as a gigger in a minute. It's rock solid. To address the questions...if I would play for an A&R guy for the chance of a lifetime, I'd use this in a minute, even if I had a choice (I do own an American Strat and a Tele). It's my guitar. And I love it. It'll be mine forever. I've recorded probably 500 songs with this, and it's part of my sound. I've yet to play a Fender-branded Strat from the same era that plays as nice as this. Even my American Standard Strat isn't as nice. This is my old shoe. And it still smells like wood like the day I got it. Pays to kep it in the case....You purists out there- American only, Vintage only, etc...this is a gem, you're missing out. This is the collectible of the future. Don't confuse this with the Squiers of today- they really suck. This one is a true winner.

General Comments

I've played since I was 10- I'm in my 40s now. I've recorded 500+ songs. I write a lot of music. I have a Strat, Tele, Taylor acoustic, Ibanez acoustic/elec, classical guitar, bass, drum mach, igital piano, synth, on and on.....lots of recording equipment. This is only what I now have...others have come and gone. Had a 12 year break from music- thought I was done with it, apparently not.


www.myspace.com/alascar11 (music page it's public)

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