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Sound Quality

Some of the sounds are really cool, great delays, cool flanges, nice chorus... but I do get some noise in the distortion channels. However, I used to use the 9030 as my main tone running into a Fender solid state 85 watt amp of some sort for power and it had a pretty good sound. It was very flexable, I could footswitch into whatever sounds and volume levels I needed with just the touch of one footswitch and my sounds were very consistant. I also liked the way you could add extra octaves or intervals to your notes, like you'd have 3 notes sounding, the one you were playing, one up a 5th and one down a 7th. Cool to play with, but not real practical to use live unless you're Steve Vai.


My 9030 and 8050 stood up to years of use, hours and hours of playing and I only had to get a new battery in it once. I got good service from Samson/Zoom and all these years later the unit is still working well and I love to play it late at night through headphones. The way the clean sounds sparkle and bounce around through your head in the headphones is really wild. If I do sell my unit, I'll miss that feature the most. I used my 9030 and 8050 units on LOTS of gigs without back up. I always trusted it, it always worked, and the sounds were consistant. I suppose if it would have crapped out on me I could have used the fender amp for back up, but I never thought of it that way at the time. I was real happy with it, but like I said, now I'm thinking of getting away from effects processors like that and I'm moving on. I think I'd like to just have a basic tube amp, like a Mesa Duel Recto and be done with it.

General Comments

I play a little bit of rock and roll, some top 40, country, metal, and just whatever I have to play at the time, depending on the band I was in. It worked well for everything, really. You just have to tweak the sounds to fit what you want, program the patches and you're ready to go. I've been playing guitar for about 25 years now, I've owned lots of ROLAND geer and I always thought the ZOOM 9030 was a comparable piece of geer. If it were lost or stolen I don't think I'd replace it since the unit is so old. I'd still buy ZOOM products in the future if I found something cool. I loved the great clean sounds and how they would sound through headphones. Some of those sounds would make me want to play for hours! I hated that there was so much noise on some of the distortion channels. And when you run the 9030 direct through a board instead of an amp it has a real "small" sound to it. I did like the BOMB you could activate by the force of your pick attack and the delays are great. I love the clean chorus, flanges, and delays... very nice! At the time I bought the 9030 I had looked at just about every other processor on the market. This was in around 1990 or so. The 9030 just seemed to have the best sounds and the best features for the money at the time. Although I wish it had come with a built in tuner and some type of noise reduction or "HUSH" technology so that you could really crank up the distortion and not get all that circuitry noise.

Over all I really liked the unit when I was using it out on the jobs. But now that I'm so bored with the unit I want to sell it. I still like it and if I don't sell it, if no one wants to buy it, I'm happy to keep it and I'm sure I can use it for something.... for just playing by myself through headphones for fun at home, I can get some use out of it.

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