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Sound Quality

I play a high spec Yamaha pacifica with seymour Duncan 59 in the bridge and two boutique single coils in the other two positions. I have a tonestyler fitted as well. the sounds I get I think are great. The other members of my the two bands I play with often comment on the quality and variety of sounds I get. You can get some really embarrassing sounds if you use some of the presets or don't get your own patches right. The fender tones are of course the best. The high gain I do not use much because I play blues, classic rock and pop covers. The marshall tones are OK and if you get the patches right provide enough if youare aplaying at 5 ore more onthe master volume whan the speaker seeems to come into its own. Ibough this to try to stop spending money on effects and so Icould have alighter amp to carry to rehearsals. It has worked for me in this role and also would really be good enough for the sort of funstionwork I do. I still love to add the twin though because it the two together can produce magic and I may as well use thtwin especially since I had put in new speakers and all new valves, caps etc just before I bought the cyber. By the way this amp can be very loud. The amp kaes some noise when turned on and no signal is being processed by it. this noise is not audible in alive situation. Some High gain sould can make noise that is loud if you are not playing. this is probaly worse beause I use single coil pups.


This amp froze when I first used it. I took it back to the shop and they had to reboot it. No problems since then. As above I take two amps to gigs.


General Comments

I don't know if you can still get these new. If it was stolen I would probaly replace it but my desire to keep experimenting may result in me looking at using the twin in tandem with a 1x 12 tube amp with a couple of channels.

I love the fun you can have getting your own tones. It is great being able to have have all the patches an control them through midi. It is great that it is not too heavy adn has allthe modern features.

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