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Sound Quality

I use 2 x single coil Telecasters (a 1984 US Fender and a 1984 Daion strung to open G)and a 2009 Squier Telecaster Custom with dual Humbuckers. I can get all of the Keith sounds with this rig. Its not as full and clean as the Twin Reverb, but its nice enough. The question mark in my mind was how it would perform with the full band. Is it loud enough? I did a lot of research before buying the amp and couldnt really work out the answer. The drummer is really loud, and Im standing next to a half deaf Irish bass player with a bloody big rig, so its gonna be a stretch. I got the amp on a Wednesday and was playing live at a local pub on Friday. Well, it kept up with the band - just. Im told that I could be heard really well in the audience, and most of the time it was fine onstage, but there were a couple of times when I need loud and clean, and the amp struggled a bit there. Mind you, I set it at 9's so it had a bit of headroom left - I didnt really want to max it out. I will mic it next time because I think it has some nice tone at lower volumes. dont get me wrong, its great when cranked, but its very nice in the loungeroom too.


So Far so good. Its a Fender, and Ive got a 35 year old Twin that is still running ok (although it needs work). Touchwood.

General Comments

Started playing in my bedroom in 1977. First band 1979. This BJ is the first brand new amp Ive ever owned. I havent changed my gear much over the years. I love this amp and it will stay with me for ever, unless I win the lotto (then Id get an old Blackface or Tweed).


Plenty of stuff on the net about Mods to the BJ. Its early days, but I cant see the point. The only thing I wish it had was a bit more volume. Maybe 20 watts. I think a quieter drummer would help, or Ill just mic it up. I was mic'ing the 60 watt Marshall up most shows anyway.


I love the amp because its 95% of what I want at a really good price. Im not one of those tone freaks - for what I do this sounds just great.

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