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Sound Quality

Ibanez S540 FM TTS (or Fender Strat '68 RI CIJ w/ US Texas Specials) into Vox V847 wah (TB'ed)-->Boss CS-2 Compressor-->Dod 250 Overdrive-->Hughes and Kettner Tubefactor--->MXR 6 band EQ (blue)-->Engl Savage 60. fx loop=Boss GE-7---Boss CE-2 Chorus--->Dod FX96 Analog Delay (soon to be replaced with Boss DM-2)--->Ibanez DE7 Delay Echo Right now I use it in the fx-loop of my Engl Savage 60 tube amp, for a lead-boost. Or for a little 6,4kHz boost after my compression (because my Boss CS-2 tends to dull the sound a little. And the 6,4kHz reinforces the spikey attack, that's so great for funk and rock n' roll licks). When all faders set to '0', I can still hear a difference in sound when clicked on and off. This should not be possible. When boosting stuff (even a little, I use EQ-ing with care), the thing does get a bit hissy. But apart from these minor issues, the pro's of the unit outweigh the cons easilly. It's a very sturdy tone-control unit. Together with my H&K Tubefactor and Boss CS-2 Compressor, I can get a myriad of tones, when playing with the GE-7. But since a guitar relies on mids (guitar's fundamentals range from 82Hz-low E to 1174Hz-22th fret D), I'm catious with doing that V-shaped EQ stuff that most inexperienced metalheads use (eventhough I do a lot of metal myself.) So 2 points deduct for the slight hissyness and slight coloration at '0'. (Make this unit true bypass, add some extra freq-bands, and you'll have a winner. Mr. Dunlop, are ya listenin'? ;-) )


It's a Boss. I checked my serialnumber with Roland Belgium, and according to them, mine is from '89-'90. Apart from a few minor scratches it looks almost new. And it'll keep on goin'. But eventhough everyone always applaudes Boss with phrases like "It'll survive a nuclear war", I feel that my MXR-styled DOD pedals (250 & 280) and my MXR 6 band EQ (blue version) are even MORE heavy duty. Especially the MXR EQ's PCB has such a nice & tight lay-out. Everything neatly ordered and nothing to bend or break. I'm not saying the Boss is bad, hell no! I'm just saying that the older MXR stuff is even more reliable.

General Comments

I play in a heavy/thrash metal band, but also in a funk/soul/disco coverband. And I'm also noodling a bit with surf, blues and classic rock (Dick Dale, Shadows, Gary Moore, SRV, Eagles, Deep Purple, Rainbow, etc.) I've been playing for 10 years now, and I used to have various multi-fx (Zoom 2020, Zoom 3000S, Digitech RP5, Boss GT-3), but I got some complaints about my tone being thinnish and un-organic. I began listening very carefully to any negative side-effects,, and ditched the GT-3. Then back to analog stompboxes (save the DE7). I also upgraded my patch-cables from Hosa to George L (and Tasker+Neutrik self soldered) and my guitar cables to Taskers in the fx-loop, and a Monster Rock between amp and guitar.

The Dod 250 will be made true bypass, and I might replace the CS-2 with a Keeley comp in the (nearby) future.

Yeah, I've become pretty damn tone-frenzy, but I study at the SAE, so my ears tend to hear things more different (and sometimes better) than most people.


If it were stolen, I'd track one down 2nd handed (like this one) or maybe I'd try the MXR 10 band EQ (re-issue with switch).

I love its tone-shaping powers and compact and sturdy casing. The bypass could be improved though. But replacing a FET bypass (like Boss pedals have) with a true bypass, is very hard and costly.


I wouldn't consider the Dod FX40 and Danelectro EQ, because of their flimsy switches and parts.


It helps me making music, it's a powerful tool for several things.

Also very great for that AM-radio sound (check out the intro's of "I believe in a thing called love"-The Darkness and "Ghosts of war"-Slayer).

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