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Sound Quality

I'm using it with a Fender Strat, Epiphone SG, and a silverface Fender Pro Reverb amp. There's a tiny bit of noise when the pedal is all the way forward. But just about every wah I've ever used (Crybaby, Maestro Boomerang, Fender Fuzz Wah, and various Morleys) has made a little noise. When I first bought it, the sound was weak. The sweep went from thin and trebly to MORE thin and trebly. But after a few turns of a screwdriver, I got a nice warm, classic wah tone. I just read a few of the other reviews here. I'm surprised that everone says you can't get a Hendrix sound out of this unit. I was able to get pretty damn close. But my ideal wah sound is a little deeper, and I was able to dial that in. I'm really happy with it. I did a side-by-side comparison with my Crybaby 535. The Crybaby has a slightly more vocal quality, but the DOD sounded pretty good. I didn't notice any tone-sucking when bypassed.


Since it's an old pedal, and it's lasted this long, I think it'll hold up. It squeaked a little at first, but some WD-40 took care of that. The casing is solid steel, and it's held together with several heavy-duty machine screws. Of course, it's missing the battery cover. I think that's a law for used DOD pedals. (How could so many people manage to lose them?) But this doesn't affect anything. The battery actually stays in place without it. Now here's the best part. When I opened it up, I discovered that it uses some kind of sensor instead of a pot. So I don't think it will ever get scratchy (like my Crybaby is getting). Very Cool. I bought this as a backup for my Crybaby, but it may become my main wah.

General Comments

I play just about everything except country and opera. It's a good all-purpose pedal. The wah is great for rock and funk, and the volume function is great for any style. It has a jack for "Control Voltage", so I'm thinking it may be useful as an expression pedal too. (For what, I don't know.)


It's not quite as sweet sounding as the better Dunlop wahs or expensive vintage or boutique gear. But it's a great little pedal that you can find cheaply. It sounds better than any of the Morleys I've tried. It takes up less space than a standard wah. It's only slightly bigger than a typical stompbox.


If it were lost or stolen, I'd immediately look for another. I may pick up another one anyway, just as a backup.


So, it gets a 9 for being an incredible value. If the controls were a little better thought-out, and the sound SLIGHTLY better, it would be a 10.

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