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Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play a wide range from Chuck Berry to Metallica, from the chilis to Beethoven. It handled pretty well although it was superb in any area. Flick the blade selector to neck pick-up and you have a thick ish sound and a good lead sound in the bridge position. In the single coil positions you cant go near your computer or any electrical appliance with out a buzz.


It would withstand live playing as well as most guitars in this price range. The hardware looked very well made and durable... no signs of rust yet. Finish was good and still hasnt rubbed of to this day. The strap kept falling out of the buttons so i bought some Jim Dunlop strap locks. You could depend on it but not enough to play without a back-up.


General Comments

Not bad for starters but very generic and not a lot of character. If it was stolen id probably buy a Vintage Les Paul. Its quite heavy compared to the Pacifica. I wish it had a sustainer pick-up built in but thats wishful thinking.

Reviewer's Background

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