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Sound Quality

I bought this pedal in 96, or 97 and I have always loved the sound. It has been sitting on the back burner though for a couple of years but i have just recently put it to use again with my new setup. It is unique because of a certain amount of static noise it includes in its distortion. Its thick and very "shoegazing." But if the distortion is turned down, you can achieve a nice pre-amp tube distortion.


Here are the problems, the stomp box has a PLASTIC footswitch. That just doesn't make any sense what-so-ever. You would think DOD would learn that plastic does indeed break when pressure is applied to it, but they still manufacture all their pedals with plastic footswitches. You got me? I have been lucky though, i haven't broken it yet. The battery hookup broke almost immediately, but I use AC adaptor anyway. But that socket is now giving me problems as well. Sometimes it turns on, sometimes it doesn't, if you jiggle it and smack it, it tends to work. But once you've got the pedal on there is not turning it off, other than unplugging it. I've tried multiple adaptors so that isn't the problem. I took it apart and all the transistors and cables were still connected, nothing broken except of course the battery hookup. So I believe if I remove the batter plug-in completely it will solve the problem.

General Comments

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