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Sound Quality

Sound quality is outstanding!, what else would you except from Rocktron? much higher then something like Digitech or DOD the reverbs are full and lush, the chorus thick but not overbearing, and the pitchshifter is awesome as well.


I baby mine, I have not used it live, only in the comfort of my home studio and jamspace. Although I'm sure it's quite sturdy, I just like to take care of my gear well.

General Comments

I play heavy melodic metal, I guess a good baseline would be a more melodic metallica. I've been playing 10 years and have a good amount of pro gear, my rack includes: digitech s200, DOD G7, Rocktron Intellifex, Digitech DSP256, Behringer DSP2024, Rocktron ProGap tube preamp. I play mostly Ibanez's (4 of em) but also an ESP Kirk Hammett signature and Kramer flying V. I love the lush full tone I get from the intellifex, it was worth the money just for that, very professional fx processor, you can really tweak it till the cows come home!. I wish it had the user interface of my DOD G7, it is a great addition to my tone/sound, makes everything a lot slicker and more professional sounding. Before I bought this, I considered the T.C Electronic G-major and a used lexicon pcm81 or 91, I factored in the price and realized I could have the quality of a T.C or Lexicon at a fraction of the price.

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