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Jack Dixon

Jensen C10Q 35W 10"" Replacement Speaker

Sound Quality

Replacement for my '65 princeton's tired old ceramic original. Once broken in it breathed new life into the amp. Before, it sounded a bit constipated even with my Tubesworks overdrive pedal, but now, with the pedal it truly is exactly what I was looking for and exactly what Joe Scinta at Vintagespeaker.com said. This speaker was make for Fender amps. I play mostly blues and this isn't a very gainy amp without the pedal.


This thing just sounds better the more I play it.


General Comments

Been playing again from a 25 yr break about 2 yrs now. Ii play a Godin exit22 HSS pickup config. I would definately put this speaker in any amp Joe told me to. Stay away from EBAY, Joe is $20.00 to $30.00 cheaper than anyone on Jensen Speakers, even used.

Reviewer's Background

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