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Sound Quality


Up until now - not a single problem. And if so, it would only have been my fault. The real casing of the EMSP-2 is rock-solid and looks really cool, compared to the only alternative I know on the market. I would definitely use it without backup. The EMSP-2 could die like everything else, as well as the backup, but I'n not afraid of breakage. If treated right like all electronic products, I don't see any danger.

General Comments

I play extreme Metal, but in this case that doesn't matter.


I've been playing for 15 years now. My gear consists of a Rivera TBR-3 power amp, a t.c.electronics G-Force, Art X-15 Ultrafoot controller, 2x Marshall 1960 cabs, 2x Laney 4x12 cabs, Laney VH-100, Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series, and my beloved Hughes&Kettner Tubeman 1. Guitars by Neubauer Guitars, Gibson, Ibanez and Kramer.


I would definitely buy it again, if stolen. The price is very reasonable and you get a rock solid, badass-looking and small unit - with loads of SUPPORT!


I love most the ease of use - and that it helped me realize an old dream of mine ;) There's absolutely nothing to hate about it. My colleague's first words: "If this works with you, could you please..." - he's got the Tubeman, too!


I compared it to the Nobles Switch. That one's got more patches to save. But the look and feel is just CHEAP in comparison to the EMSP-2. And, seriously - who needs 128 patches (or over 200, like my t.c. has) to play a gig... I prefer handmade small business stuff - because they have to keep standards or will go down. Big companies just produce a "better series" after selling 200000 pieces of junk.


In the moment I'm wishless and happy. What else should it do but WORK and work EASILY. I wanted a switcher and that's it.


It helps me make music by helping me to concentrate on playing instead of switching and stomping around. And I could drop half a ton of weight of my rig as I could rip out the ADA MP1 + AC converter that I used for "switching" the Tubeman before.

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