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Sound Quality


I CAN depend on this unit in case I took good care of it. There mustn´t any cables get caught under the controller pedals, as these will tear out and wreck the fragile plastic strips that make the photosensitive sensors work. Once they are bent, they won´t go back to normal. So you can forget about reaching zero level with the pedals - once you activate a pedal to, e.g., mix in a Delay, you won´t be able to deactivate it completely with the pedal, you´ll need to switch it off in the edit mode, and pray you don´t want to change presets then.. The rest of it resists hellfire, a-bomb and even a woman´s treatment. My MIDI Jacks once broke, cause someone stepped on the cable, but this is of course something that will happen to just ANY unit. Was easily replaced for almost no money. It caught a bit of rust, which is but no wonder in an almost-underwater rehearsal room *lol* I have mine since ´96 and still am quite happy with it. No comparison to plastic junk.

General Comments

I play some sorts of Metal and was happy to find a controller with TWO pedals on it! Everything below would just have been an insult to my FX unit ;-)


As I said, I own the X-15 since ´96, 7 years so far, and I´m still sure it was the best choice though.


If it were stolen, I´d buy it again!


I love the ruggedness, and I hate the photoreceptors inside the Pedals, although they work very well if you take GOOD care of the X-15!


I compared it to my ADA footswitch and a Roland one, to ZOOM FX Boards/pedals and some other gear. It sure ist the best concerning control and quality.


I sometimes wish it had a backlit LCD display, in case of red light on stage you´re quite lost, thought about mounting some shades to it *lol*


It gives you a great feeling controlling your effects , the pedals are, with some practice, easy to use and have the right amount of resistance. Once you are in unity with your Guitar and the X15, nothing can stop you (except the usual things that just happen on stage...)

It also helped me a great deal recording my MIDI control changes etc. into our sequencer so on stage I didn´t have to control anything, the sequencer did it for me, and it´s very easy to record everything.

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