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epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

fits my music style great. i write songs in the alternative rock category. and it has the perfect wide range variety for what i need to do with the style i need. i just use a standard Crate amp that was only $300 and sounds like a classic led zeppelin or Aerosmith sound. it has a dramatic less amount of feedback compared to my other 2 guitars. i own also the Epi SG special and Crafter Convoy series. it has a BOLD BOLD beautiful sound when in deep mode on guitar settings and a high sound in distorted section on amp. tons of overdrive makes it the best guitar out there (again, better than Gibson) i love eveything about it!!!


i have played this for my church already for the youth part, and it was the best performance yet... the neck took some training because it is abnormally long from other guitars by one fret size, but still more comfortable after playing long enough. overall the guitar is meant to last... i put strap locks on mine to make sure it would not fall from the strap letting loose and hit the ground. reccomended if not already equiped.

General Comments

i have 4 guitars, one amp, 3 cases and straps for each one... 1 acoustic and 3 electric. i have been playing for 2 years and i already have a recording studio with my friend and we have almost cut our first CD. guitar is good all the way, i have explained everything i know and is to know about this guitar. get it or you will regret it... like i said, it sounds EXACTLY like a Gibson SG just for $2,000 less. you are only paying for the name


hope you get it for the same reasons i did

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