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Sound Quality

The neck pickup sounds good, however output level is moderate, and a bit noisy. The bridge pickup is also good, however a little bit lifeless and glassy sounding, so I replaced it. At first I put EMG85, and this guitar became a killer when tuned down to B. Very good combination, but I did not want to convert this guitar to active. therefore, I decided to go for a more traditional sound, I put Evans Eliminator to the bridge, and I can get sounds like Empire by Queensryche or Rush ! Because of the neck-thru design, I would expect more sustain (at higher frets), however I suspect the sustain problem caused by the JT-6 bridge... Overall, this is a bit darker sounding guitar, therefore very versatile for many styles. If I could improve the sustain somehow and maybe replacing the neck pickup, then it would be perfect guitar, and I would give 10.


Never had any problem, very well built.

General Comments

This guitar is a very good one. Pickups worth to change, then it will be close to perfect. The bottleneck could be the JT-6, not bad but very different than a standard Floyd Rose.

Otherwise, this guitar sounds like a dream, suitable for many styles, overall I love it very much.

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