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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I like Nevermore, and this guitar fits well, however you need a high-gain amp. Due to long scale and mahogany body-neck, it needs a bit different settings on your (pre)amp, like regular guitars. EMG707s are close to EMG85 which is a nice pickup, however I would put another type to this guitar, which has more cut, something EMG81-like, or even passives. Sound is dark and a but muddy when distorted. I assume it is a modern Les Paul sound from 21st century. So you can play anything which can be played with LP. I liked the set neck, great sustain.


Tuners are OK, and I have already mentioned bridge plating problem. Guitar seems to be robust, but I recommend to use backup guitar anyway.

General Comments

This was my first 7-string. I play the (6 string) guitar for 15 years.

The critical issue is the 26" scale neck. If you can live with it, buy this guitar, but it would require to revise your playing and sound settings.

I loved this guitar, but I have already sold it, and bought a non-mahogany, normal scale guitar, because my preamp is not programmable and I change guitars often, so I prefer to use one sound setup for all guitars. My other guitars are poplar, so quite different than sound of mahogany.

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