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Sound Quality

I bought it to practice acoustically and at low volumes, not disturbing the neighbours :) Not too much bass, was OK for me. I have used it through mixer or multieffects like Boss GT-6. The passive piezo has very low output level, therefore it needs high amplification, therefore there will be noise as well. Tone is not comparable to active piezo systems. On the other hand, it can be built in anytime to this guitar.


Never had any problem, I gave a 9 because there is no perfect unit :)

General Comments

Good for its price.

If you do not really need electronics, just playing acoustically (in room because it can be quite inaudible around the campfire :), I recommend to buy it.

Considering neck, action etc. it is quite similar to Applause models, except shape of back, but I prefer shape of Aria.

If it were stolen, I would not buy it again, but I would buy similar with active electronics.

I am basically an electric guitar player, and this guitar served me well to play something different sometimes, extend my musical horizon, make my fingers stronger and something to be carried with myself when I go to vacation and still want to practice without amp or anything.

So, if you can but it at a low price, and you have similar needs to mine, I recommend to but it. if you need active, you can install it later.

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