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Sound Quality

This is not a digital modelling unit, so not designed for room playing. On the other hand, if you use it with a tube power amp (loud and live), you will get very good result. I have used it with a Hughes and Kettner VS250, very good match. Also with a 6L6 tube combo it sounded well. Unit is not noisy at all, no need to use its internal noise gate, its compressor-expander would be enough. Very versatile unit, you can get sounf of favorite artists. Actually unit banks are full of great presets, and you can even download presets and upload through MIDI. (Thanks to Peter Fiala, see his website about this.) You may think effects are old and poor, but just try them live, you will be surprised how well they are tailored for guitar, especially the delay. I miss a bit of dynamics, and more distortion for heavier metal. On the other hand, this unit is great for jazz, blues, rock... metal on high volumes live. I recommend to change ECC83 tube, to find your sound. Set front EQ to linear, use no digital eq, then keep changing tubes. I liked Groove Tubes and JJ in this unit. Do not use very high gain ECC83, otherwise some factory programs will scream. If you are not into metal, I recommend some 12AX7/7025 with lower gain. Solid state distortions are good as well.


During 10+ years of usage, it failed only one time. I left it on the sun during a summer live performance. It was not mounted in rack, and it was a very hot day, so that is why it broke down. Funny characters on the display and no sound. It cooled down, then it work. I would consider to mount a fan onto its heat sink, however it never happened again. Otherwise, this is a reliable unit, I can say. Never gig without a backup.

General Comments

It is a very good unit, still better than digital modeling units out there, if you like real tube sounds.

I have used if for more than 10 years, and it served many styles well, and I still could get new sounds out of it.

I love this unit, because it is not so popular, and have its own sound, and its pink painting is also nice :)

I wish it had a second tube for heavier styles, otherwise it is a fully OK unit.



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