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Sound Quality

A bit noisy. Digital effects are average. I have used it through a tube amp/combo which makes these digital units twice good. Sounds are not bad, but far away from real tube sound and feel. On the other hand, I like the sound of Korg units in general (much midrange), they do not want to behave like hi-fi units with lots of treble.


Had no problem. Saving patches did not work sometimes, could be problem of button.

General Comments

Good as a first digital unit for beginners, especially if you can get it cheap. Suitable for metal styles. If you are not into metal but lighter styles, buy a Boss GT-6 instead, which will cost more.

I know guitar players who use AX1000G with expensive guitars and amps in live, but I think this unit will not improve the sound of a good guitar or amp, but uniform it, like all cheap digital units.

I had a Korg AX30G (was very good that time) and I can not tell you that AX1000G is much better... so I would not buy it again.

Please do not interpret my words like it would be a bad unit, because it does not. I just prefer real tube sound much better.

I really like Korg and they concepts. If I were a keyboard player, I would use Korg exclusively...

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