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Powerstate Amplifiers Tube Machine

Sound Quality

Clean sound is really great, but same for both channels. Rhythm channel can do soft rock rhythm... with maximum gain, high-gain ECC83 tube and a good tube amp it may be used for heavy metal as well. Lead channel has similar tone like Rhythm channel, but you have some extra gain and volume, good for soloing. In general, distorted sounds are not bad, but lack of dynamics and a well-defined midrange. On the other hand, unit has lots of treble. Good for general rock like ACDC or Toto (of course you will not get the Lukather sound :) Considering metal, you can play Kamelot and other not so distorted types, as a maximum.


I opened the unit and quality of assembly looks like OK. Never had any problem, but components seem to have average quality.

General Comments

Considering its cheap price (especially used) it is OK, but definitely not the final step for searching the ultimate tone.

For example, Hughes and Kettner Tubeman2 has double or triple price, and Tube Machine reminds me Channel2 of Tubeman2 a little bit.


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