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Sound Quality

k considering how good it sounded before now that ive sat down for a bit and actually used it right its amzing. cant remember exactly wot its set at but the bass is dropped aabout half way, half of the mids are dropped a tad and the other half boosted a tad and the highs r boosted a bit. it sounded hissy going thru my marshall at the front. so i sat n fot it over then decided to run it thru my loop. LISTEN PEOPLE WHO MOAN ABOUT HISS. THIS THING BOOSTS FREQUENCIES id ur gonna run it straight into an amp with overdrive/distortion wot do u expect? if ur using ths on aa pedal board u wud have it after ur distortion n overdrive pedals generally. same thing applies here bring it in after the preamp so u dont boost any noise from that. if u dont have a loop ur either gonna have to get some overdrive pedals n set them up this way or grin n bear it but dont say this thing is noisy cos if it is chances r its ur amp or ur pickups if ur running it thru the loop. sound is even better than b4. ive not tried any other eqs out there but they all dot he same thing n a 7 band is all i need n boss can be relied on so im happy.


yup played with it at big gigs n practices n its never copped out once. i use an adapter cos batteries r a pain in the arse. dont think theres much that cud go wrong with it. if ur going to literally stomp on a pedal dont expect it to last long but for most people who shell out good moneyu on gear you'll look after it and it'll last. im not saying nuffin could go wrong but i dont think it will for a long long time.

General Comments

this is an essential piece of equipment for any guitarist, bassist, keyboardist who takes there sound seriously. i can use it to tweak vocal recordings into my akai dps12. very good for controlling my overall sound and shaping it how i want it. good use as a boost altho theres dedicated pedals out there but id at least try it out to see wot its like. i suppose if u kept the eq flat and put the level up its basically a 15dB boost at ur feet. ots dpes ebverything it should and if its used properly its fine. ill welcome anyone with ideas or setting for rock sound son this pedal.

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