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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I play a 1975 Fender Strat and a 2005 PRS Custom 22. My music styles are classic rock, pop, and blues. This amp has plenty of power although, I don't gig so I can't judge how much volume you could crank in a large hall. I own a Marshall TSL 122 all tube combo and a Line 6 flextone 2 modelling amp. The Vox sounds almost as good as my tube Marshall. It really blows away the line 6. The tone of the Vox is very warm and tube like on both clean and distorted settings. If I were to gig, I would take the Vox with me. The presets on the vox are just so so and need tweeking. The best part of this amp is the variable power output. Max output is 50 watts, and there is a knob on the back that controls the wattage output. This means you can turn up the master volume all the way, and cut down the volume using the wattage output knob. The result is great tone at low volume.


Here is the great unknown. I have read reviews by those who have had trouble. There are stories of the input jack falling into the cabinet, and noisy fans inside, and the thing just dying. Some complain of not being able to get anyone over at Vox on the phone. Before my purchase, I called vox (distributed by Korg) at US Customer Service(631) 390-6500 US Product Support (631) 390-8737. After just a few minutes on hold, I got a Vox tech on the phone and expressed my fears. He had heard of these problems also but assured me that they get very few of them in for repair. I bought from a very reliable local shop just in case. To set the record straight, the first run of the Ad50vts did not have a cooling fan but had a heat sink. After that they built the amps with a computer type fan inside for cooling. This info was given to me by the Vox tech. I play in a very quiet room in my home and cannot hear any noise at all from the fan. My local music store also tells me they get very few Vox amps in for repair. Time will tell, but I would suggest buying from a very reputable music store that stands behind their products just in case problems arise. I have had mine for four months without a glitch.

General Comments

Been playing for 30 years rock, pop, blues. This amp is light, versatile, and loud. The best feature is the variable wattage output allowing you to crank the gain and master to full, and cut back the volume with the output wattage dial. This allows you to drive the amp hard at low volumes and still maintain great tone without making your ears bleed. The amp has a very rich warm tone almost (very very close) to that of my tube amp (but at half the weight). I liked the sound and features better than the Line 6 stuff and better than the Roland Cube. Too bad they only give you two programmable channels. I was afraid to buy this thing at first due to the reliablilty issue, but once I saw I could get vox on the phone I took the plunge. The sound is really better than any other non tube amp I have played on.

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