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Sound Quality

Ok, I have this in the effects loop of my SansAmp PSA-1. The effects sound good I think, alittle flat and dull, but no major tonality issues. The chorus is pretty weak but the reverse reverb is very nice. Here's the main issue though, which I have had with every single piece of junk Digitech I have ever owned: there's a time delay when switching patches. I can't believe no one else reviewing this product didn't make a big deal out of this, it's absolutely brutal. I control via Voodoo Lab ground control (very good controller), and when I change patches on this piece of junk there's atleast a 1/2 second delay. I'm giving it a 2 'cus the RP300 was worse...


Well, for my purposes, I can't rely on this at all. If you're just gonna run one patch off of it though it'll work quite nicely. It has lasted a long time, my dad gave it too me and he bought it new in like the 80's so it's lasted well. He really liked it but that's because he never needed to instant access seperate patches... which, if you have a processor in a rack setup, isn't the whole idea to have that flexability of instant access through a MIDI controller?

General Comments

With the time delay, you might as well not even own a controller and just take a time out while you play to change the patches on the front plate... it's that bad. But, the effects themselves don't sound to bad. I was very pleased with it until I linked into my MIDI chain and realized it was half retarded.

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