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Sound Quality

I play with an ESP MV-200 with Seymour Duncan pickups (SH4 at the bridge, SHR1 at the neck) straight to my Formula, then I send the entire signal through my G-Major (in serial...the G-Major colors the sound just alittle bit, nothing very noticable though, and I notice the slightest changes) then to my HUSH (not really needed, neither the Formula nor the G-Major make hardly any noise, but there's always alittle hum...) then to my Mesa 2:100 and out to 2 Marshall 1960B cabs. I control it all via Voodoo Lab ground control, and the G-Major switches the channels on my Formula (very nice!) so setting up patches is a cinch. The Formula alone dishes up fantastic low end punch and distortion (I don't really use any clean sounds, when I switch channels I basically just change to something with alittle less gain) however I load my signal with delay and reverb which takes alittle of the punch out of my signal when it hits my cabs. This I plan on fixing with a BBE sonic maximizer, which I've only heard great things about, and I think will really put my sound over the top. I like playing loud and heavy, as close to thunder as I can get, and the Formula meets my demands.


So far no problems, but I've only had it for 2 weeks. I got it used through Guitar Center, as it is now out of production apparently and they only had like 2 left in the country, and this was the best one (it was in the Virginia Beach store rack). I guess I'd say very reliable, as it has a few scratches and dents, and yet still sounds amazing, but I couldn't say from experience.

General Comments

As I've said, this thing is awesome for loading up on heavy crunch and pouring out pure metallic balls. I'd definitely get this unit again, if I could find it in good condition. I can't think of one thing about it that isn't superb, except that it's being DISCONTINUED! I had a SANsAmp PSA-1 before I traded it in for this, as I was unsatisfied with the sound from it, and I remembered really liking the Formula when I played with it a few months ago. My only beef was that it didn't have MIDI switching, but that was solved by my G-Major! The more and more Mesa stuff I hear the more I'm attracted to their gear... the 2 pieces of their's that I have now are amazing, and I see myself loading up on more of their gear when I have the $$$$. This is a real preamp, with real balls, and real tone.

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