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Sound Quality

I use this with a Carvin MTS3200 100 watt head pushing a pair of Marshall 1960AX cabs{4x12 Greenbacks/slant cabs}I have about a dozen of some of the most dangerous guitars to have ever existed which contributes significantly to the quality of tone. I also have the X-15 foot controller for switching programs and effects in/out. The unit does generate a certain amount of noise but it is readily contollable with no sacrifice of tone.The distortions are the most realistic sounds I have ever heard.Kirk Hammet,Satch,The Edge,Page,Hendrix,SRV,EVH,Keith Richards, virtually all the big boys are represented here in varying degrees of intensity...The potential of the delays and reverbs is scary but the time has to be spent dialing it in,it does'nt just happen very often.Anything I have set out to actually COPY I have been able to program from the foundation of one of the programs installed.All in all,the effects are of studio quality and can be arranged in any order.I would have preferred a greater variety but there is plenty to keep you busy for the rest of your life if you REALLY know how to program.Make sure to load this with a brand new ECC83 Groove Tube for best results in dealing with the noise factor.The tube mine had when I got it was pretty worn out so I changed it out.A significant improvement was had in both noise reduction and in increased gain structure.


I have had no hardware trouble with either the unit itself or the foot controller.This is STUDIO gear and I dont take it out on the road.Take your GT-3 to the gig but guard this with your life!

General Comments

I play largely outside the common descriptions of popular music and this thing can easily keep up with my adventurous experimentations.I have been playing guitar for over 25 years and consider myself an advanced player.A list of the rest of my gear is probably prohibitive due to space limitations,but....Let's just say 45k worth of recording and musical equipment in one room....a dozen tube amps....etc....etc....I would never be able to replace this: it took me 6 years to find one used!This thing has more tone shaping capability than any other single piece of gear I have seen,played or owned.The versatility is amazing.I do wish it had a couple of other effects that I really like:envelope filter,arpeggiator, etc....but for what I do musically, this winds up as 75% of my tone on tape.I find it extremely useful for other applications as well:including,keyboards and synths,drums and percussion, and lead and harmony vocals.

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