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Sound Quality

my setup: yamaha pacifica 112 -> korg A2 -> Boss SD-1 as booster -> Laney TF-320 EFFECTS: about 10 different kinds of distortion, 6 kinds of reverb, 2 phaser, 2 flanger, 3 chorus, 4 delays, compressor, 3 kinds of EQ, Exciter, 3 Amp simulator plus a variety of stereo effects (but remember: you must use static chains... you can't create your own chain). It is a perfect silent unit on clean sounds, quite noisy with distortions. It hase a noise gate but, on the higher levels, it kills the sustain. Reverbs, delays, choruses, phasers, flangers are simply wonderful. You can choose different types per each, and you have a total control on them. More, you have a volume control from total dry to total wet sound (so, you can use this unit in a loop). Several distortions, from TRUE tube overdrive emulation (think to Little Wing's intro) to thresh metal (I play Metallica without any problem). But, if you don't use EQ's and Exciter very, very, VERY carefully, you won't obtain a good sound. But don't worry, I play in a hard rock / metal cover band, and I use distortion for about 90% of the show... With this unit i was able to create about 10 different, and really useful, sounds. EQ's, Exciter: they REALLY change the sound. I found compressor quite useless. Use it carefully: it will squeeze the sound, and kills your tone. I wasn't able to create a thick solo sound, so i preferred to use an overdrive as a booster. ps.: you can create some special effects... nothing special, of course... but let's think to begin One (Metallica) whit a stereo heavy helicopter in your PA ;-)


from 1992, never had a problem (i bought it used 1 year ago... but before it was used by a friend of mine...).

General Comments

This unit will be in my setup for all my life. I love its clean sounds, and its distortions (but not solo sounds) too.

Do you know U2 Pride? it was played with this unit...


If you want a professional unit (don't forget: in the 90's, this was a 2000 $ unit), with a quite vintage sound... well... it's the A2.


I play hard rock 70/80/90 and 80 metal, plus some famous contemporary cover... it can play everything (except nu,death,black and similar).

I think I will soon improve my setup with an all-tube power amp (maybe a Brunetti Silver Bullet) and a Carvin 2x12 Cabinet to use this unit until its maximum.

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