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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I was looking for a Hi-Gain sound with nice crunch on each string without sounding muddy or dull. And this amp can defenetly deliver powerfull distortion, with enough gain without sounding crap. Im no big fan of any clean sounds, but compared to other amps i guess it's quite good. Dont know how it sounds with "stock" tubes, but im using 12AX7 Electro Harmonix and they seem to do a great job. Seen some people complain about noise, i dont seem to have that problem. Could be cause of the tubes?


Well, i haven't had it for long but it's pretty old and still works great.

General Comments

The best Pre-Amp money can buy. At least if u get it cheap ;)

Guess i never would buy this unit at list price, but if you can get it cheap, used or new, i strongly recommend it. If u play rock/metal, im sure you will love this unit as much as I do.


BTW, if you dont like marshall tone, you can use an EQ, but i haven't tried that yet, cause i got no problem with the marshall tone. But if i get tiered i'll give it a try.

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