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One way Jesus

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

It has some nice clean tones both with the LP clone, ES335 and single coil Strat that I use. There are some nice dirty sounds with UK Modern,US High gain and BT Overdrive but I dont use them for the giiging I do but do play at home with it. If you use them with presets which I only really discovered recently they have the EQ and gain set nicely. Push the Bypass button and you can remove the preset effect or dial it to what you want. The amp noise even on high gain channels is not excessive and a touch of noise gate does the trick.


These are known to have some reliabilty problems with cold solder joints and require all the jack sockets on the amp cleaning every few months or so with contact cleaner and a plug pushed in and out to make sure the cheap switching jacks they use make good contact other wise they can cause sound loss and noise problems. I have had no real problems with mine and it has never let me down at a gig.

General Comments

If it was stolen I would probably look at other amps such as the AD60VTX or some other brands but the weight of the VT50 at 20kg is really all I want to lug around. The VTX is a little heavier.

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