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Sound Quality

Rich rich rich sound. Just play an E chord in standard tuning and you'll know what i mean. Even unplugged it sounds loud and beautiful. Distorted it's a rockmonster!! Both pick-ups fucking great.


I've been playing the guitar for exactly 1 year now, no problems so far. Don't do gigs yet, but would certainly trust this one to last.


General Comments

I owned a imitation strat. It's no-where near this one ofcourse!! I just love this guitar! When i first had it, I couldn't keep my eyes off it! It looks so incredibly cool! It looks beautifal AND like a distortion-monster! The middle of the guitars front and back is raised in comparison to the edges, which is really unique. Also the shape is simply stunnning!

I only wish all guitars had the cool raised Airline-logo on it, not just the limited version. Now it says Eastwood, but if anyone has an airline-logo screwed off or whatever, i'll buy it and put on me own guitar! That would really be the finishing touch

The sound is awesome, i use a Fender Champion 110 amp and a digitech rp50, which creates all possible effects and amp simulations.

I would step to the shop the day it was stolen or landed under a car or whatever! There are not that many people with a guitar like this one! It's an eyecatcher, definitely! If you live in a small enough country, you just might be the only person having it!

And let's face it: it's NOT that expensive! Best spend money ever, cheers!

Reviewer's Background

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