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Sound Quality

I've been playing guitar for 18 years now, and I can make money at it... take that for what it's worth... I am writing about this guitar because I consider it my single greatest musical purchase and I've spent well over $40,000 on equipment... The great thing about rating acoustic guitars is that there¿¿¿s only one factor to measure. You don't have to worry about pickups, amps, pedals etc etc... all you do is line the guitars up and play each one... then you pick the guitar you like best given the prices. If you do this with a Larivee D-03 and measure it against virtually any guitar up to twice its price you'll pick the D-03... Larivee is the best deal in music right now... read the ratings... there are a lot of experienced musicians giving this guitar a 10 for sound¿¿¿ and with acoustics guitars that actually means something¿¿¿. Simply put, when you play this guitar against others in its price range there is a major difference. Even people that don¿¿¿t play music can hear it. For one thing it¿¿¿s noticeably louder... Also, a few people in the ratings have stated that they regretted buying this guitar. Personally, I can¿¿¿t understand how anyone could say that unless they got a lemon (which I have yet to see) or they know very little about what makes a quality acoustic guitar within a price range (which I think is more likely)¿¿¿


It's a well made acoustic guitar... that's about all I can tell you... don't drop a beer on it...

General Comments

The best acoustic guitar you can own for the money...

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