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shawn t

DigiTech RP50 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Ok so I have to say that I didn’t buy this unit for convention uses. I have a fairly extensive rig and I needed something for a specific need. I am using this unit SOLELY for its octave pitch shifting. I have always been a fan of DigiTechs’ pitch shifting. I use it tuned in B and still do not have tracking problems. I have a few processors that I run in my amps FX loop but I wanted an octave to go into the front of my amp ( I love the sound of octave pedal distorted, but I didn’t want to have to switch my whammy to do so) to give you and idea of my tastes in quality of sound my LIVE rig is listed below… Guitars 2 Ibanez SCA 220s (one tuned in dropped B the other in dropped D flat, I preferred these to the PRS guitars by the way.) 1 Ibanez Ice Man (tuned in B) 1 Gibson Les Paul (dropped D flat) into-> Dunlop Cry Baby Q535, Digitech Whammy 4, into a GCX audio switcher with 8 loops, DOD Milk box, Digitech RP50(for octaves only) DOD Icebox, MXR ZW44 (Zakk Wylde OD for lead boost) Pro Co Rat (original for fuzz) Boss DS1 distortion/DOD 7 band EQ (only used for a couple songs) into-> high gain input of a Peavey 5150, in the loop of the 5150 is a Boss GT-3 and a TC Electronics G-major. All controlled by a Rockton Midi Mate. My 4x12 cab is loaded w/Peavey Sheffields but about to be upgraded to eminence wizards. The music I play is a modern heavy/hard rock with lots of texture and ambient effects Check us out at www.fromthisdayband.com, all the guitars on the songs now were done using a Line 6 POD live XT, however the new CD is being recorded with the above mentioned set up with a couple additions visit www.myspace.com/fromthisdaybandgearhead for info on the recording of that


had is a short while but i dont see it going out on me

General Comments

hey i use it as an octave pedal in an overly compicated rig, but the 60 bucks i paid beats the hell out of $100 plus for Boss pitch shifters, plus the tracking and tone on this one is better, I can also EQ a little bit of my octave


its very useful to me, worth a 10 however its not for much else thus it gets an 8

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