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shawn t

DOD FX64 Ice Box Stereo Chorus

Sound Quality

I wanted to post a review to set things right for this unit. I have many years experience with many effects, and I have to say that the DOD IceBox is one of my favorite chorus stomp boxes. It’s an all around great sounding effect and the only chorus unit in my rack of effects. I run it in the front of my amp and get great results both clean and distorted. It will get a good shimmer to it however I prefer to run the high cut at about 10-11 o’clock to get a more warm analog sound, you do however have to run the level and depth high to get a strong effect and it could be stronger but it suits my needs just fine. To give you an idea of my effects knowledge credibility here’s what my rig is made up of… Live its usually one of 4 guitars 2 Ibanez SCA 220’s (saber classics, 1 tuned in B the other in dropped D ½ step down, I prefer them to the PRS) 1 Ibanez Ice Man (tuned to B), and 1 Gibson Les Paul (Tuned dropped D ½ step down) from there to a pedal board with a digitech whammy4and a Dunlop cry baby Q535. from there to a GCX Audio switcher that controls a DOD milk box, a Boss DS-1 Distortion (use on occasion) a Pro Co Rat (used for fuzz) a MXR Zakk Wylde OD (for lead boost) DOD Ice Box, and a digitech RP50 (for octave down pitch shift) all into the high gain input on a Peavey 5150(which is where 85-90% of the distortion is from). In the loop of the 5150 is a Boss GT-3 (only used for special effects and a TC Electronics G-Major. 95% of my chorusing effects come from the DOD Ice box, its an awesome pedal, obviously it’s a great sounding one since I could choose either Boss or TC Electronics for that since both brands are regarded as some of the best choruses around.


havent had it too long but it hasnt given me any probles, and if it stands up to the rest of my DOD pedals I have owned I dont expect any problems

General Comments

As you can see my my set up i like to use effects I play in a band thats modern hard/heavy rock but we also use lots of ambient textures in our music as well this pedal adds so much to that on a guitar...

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