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Sound Quality

I play many styles of music but mainly classic rock and classic metal/shred/tech metal (think Randy Rhoads) . Good for rockin' but not so great for screaming leads and punchy rhythm. Pick ups aren't really high output, more PAF style. I use it for metal rhythm after putting Ernie Ball STHB strings on it. Bridge 'bucker is good but I only use the neck pick up for jazz on any guitar, but not on this one (not enough sparkle or definition). Pretty dark sounding which only produces muddy tone. You really gotta brighten it up to gain definition.


Doesn't have poly urethane finish so could scratch easily (I don't play it live, so I don't know). You should always gig with a back up though.

General Comments

Not trying to brag but I'm a pretty experienced player. I play this mostly through a vox vt15. I might buy this again used, but probably not because of my genre's needs. I love the light body beautiful finish and generally rocky sound and feel. I bought this because Angus Young is one of my favorite guitarists but there are definitly better guitars for the value. I don't like the guitars naturally muddy tone.

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