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PRS Dave Navarro Signature Model Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play classic rock, and some early 90's alternative rock, as well as some modern rock. I play though a JCM 2000 with BOSS pedals. It has a really neat array of sounds you can pull from it. The coil tap is wonderful, you can pull some really great funky, almost strat like sounds from it, maybe better. In the bridge position, this thing screams, but yet never sounds thin or screachy. It is smooth as glass all the way up to the 24th fret. The Vintage Bass pickup sounds very Gibson like, reminiscent of Alinco pickups. Very Very smooth, and with distortion, creamy, whereas the HFS is more Ibanezy, scorching hot. Couldn't ask for anything more as far as tones you can pull from it.


Completely durable, .. wouldnt want to mess up the finish tho. Nice wide fat strap buttons.. always use strap locks, but these really make you wonder if you need them. I would't ever gig without a backup, but my second Dave Navarro Signature will be arriving soon. I'll give it an eight due to the finish being so mirror perfect you wouldn't want to mess it up.


General Comments

I have been playing for 15 years now, I'd buy this guitar 10 times over again, I want to own at least 2 more copies of this guitar. It is just stunning, It destroys a Gibson any day, and emulates the strat nicely. Love it/

Reviewer's Background

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