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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I discovered a GREAT trick on this wonderful pedal: you can make the EQ curve on it almost completely FLAT, which means no annoying tubescreamer-like midrange hump and no bass loss. It is too simple ¿¿¿ just turn the low and high controls up all the way up and turn the gain down a bit to compensate. If you want to bring back some or all of the tubescreamer midrange, back off the low and high controls and bring up the gain. I was able to nearly match my bypass tone by doing this with the gain knob almost all the way down. So if you want your amp¿¿¿s sound plus a little hair, this pedal can do it really well.


General Comments

I have owned a Fulldrive II, and it was a great pedal and didn¿¿¿t lose bass, but I think it would benefit from a 2-knob tone control setup like the Bad Monkey has (are you listening Mike?). If Digitech put out a 2-channel version of this similar to the Fulldrive¿¿¿s layout, they would have the perfect cheap overdrive pedal. Then again, 2 of these pedals only cost $80. Hmmm¿¿¿maybe I¿¿¿ll buy another one.


I bought this as a cheap backup in case my Line 6 AM4 dies mid-gig. The AM4 is a wonderful and truly underrated sleeper of a pedal. Line 6 amp modeling, but designed specifically to go in front of a tube amp, so it is the best of both worlds. Read the reviews on it here at HC. Line 6 stopped making it (why?!!!), and it can be picked up for less than $100 on eBay. It¿¿¿s only fault is that it flies through batteries in a few hours, so that is why I got the Bad Monkey.


If Digitech ever stops making this pedal, I would bet its value would go way up on the used market. Definitely destined for legendary status.


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