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Sound Quality

Effect quality is amazing. Sound through the built in speaker is louder than you would expect but it is still only a 2" speaker so you lose the Bass, but this thing wails when put through an amp or PA system. The cool thing is you can mike this thing really easily. I have even played around with putting this little thing in closets or cupboards with a mic in with it. Cool reverb and ambient sounds.


So far I haven't had a problem but I don't gig. If I had to I think it's downfall would be the fact that it is cheap plastic cover and the controller cable is pretty thin and flimsy. Excellent for recording though. I plan to buy another for backup in case this one breaks.

General Comments

I play Blues and Classic Rock. This thing is indispensible. I can practice anywhere. I play in my bedroom or living room with the family there and can play without getting dirty looks. My wife is able to sleep with me practicing right next to the bed. With the CD line in and the Headphone output it's perfect. It's portable so you can take it anywhere to Jam and when with friends I don't have to lug my amp around. I just plug it into their mixing board, Amp or Aux line in and go. I've shown it to friends and one of them just got one off of EBay and the others are still looking. I haven't found anything out there to compare when it comes to portabilty, nuber of effects for this size. I feel I need to give it a 10 just because there is nothing out there like it. If there is something else out there like this post a message so I can check it out.

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