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dirty don hines

crate V Series V18-112 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

i play a variety of guitars,gibsons epis hagstrom and ones i've built. p/us are gibson humbuckers, a seymour duncan and p90's. all sound great out of this amp especially this g&b ceramic i got in an lp copy. suits me fine. i'm simple now. i make the tone. good clean but who cares. range of tube gain is very nice.responds well to me turning down my guitars volume(like i would do that). i usually just play softer or heavier for volume changes. distortion is not any type of metal. but definitely hard rock. noise free to.


well who knows. the 18logo front plate thing fell of 2 days after i bought it but upon investigation it was lucky too have made it that far. not fastened or glued at all. is glued now. i treat my stuff pretty good. shouldn't have anyprobs.

General Comments

been playing forever. like it a lot. but if it got lost or stolen that's an opportunity to try somethin' else with the insurance money or whatever you beat outta the thief. i compared it to my sovteks and figured we'd get along. if anything i might have liked to try it in a 2 speaker config.12s or 10s. and i wish it had a speaker out instead of the useless di out.who uses those? the tone sucks. mike it!

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