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epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

The pickups on this guitar are the best sounding I have ever heard. The bridge pup has an incredible bite, rich, full, sensible, sensitive to pick attacks. It is rare that I let the volume on 5, or even 3 on a guitar, to keep sounding nicely clear and then turn to 10 to get it THUNDERING !. The neck one is also a masterpiece in the dark, black sabbathic spectrum. Over the years, I tried a huge collection of pickups. Those are simply the best-in-class. I would sell one eye (or two fingers) for them.


Only had the guitar 2 months, and I had to change 2 broken (plastic) pot knobs because this kinda-stupid-son-of-a-gun-executive-nerd dropped his steeled suitcase on the top of my SG during a plane trip. No big deal: Hong Kong pot knobs are quite easy too find on eBay. The channel swith messed up a few times - did not engage the pup - but after spraying some KONTAKT60, everything seems to be have stabilized. I hope the black chrome will last: it looks so darn beautiful.

General Comments

Recently, I was lucky to try plenty of SG, Gibson and others, for hours and hours, at this incredibly friendly Jensen guitar shop in Odense. The Toni Iommi signature SG is way better that other Epi SG. No surprise. But IMO also way better than the Gibsons! The "Faded" model really could not stand the comparaison: kinda armored truck vs. Ferrari. With the Toni Iommi you play sharp, loud, brillant, gutsy and ... comfortable. It became my fav axe over 6 times more expensive others (incl. LP Std, Relic Fender Strat, Tele US, Sheraton and more). 10.

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