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Sound Quality

I got this thing for dirt cheap on eBay several years ago, and I wasn't expecting much. After all, it's just a crappy old DOD rack unit, right? Wrong! This thing has war, murky analog grit by the bucketload. If you like spaced-out dub echoes, you need this thing. I use it far more than my Yamaha E1010, which is supposed to be one of the better analog delays out there. It does the decaying-into-infinity thing wonderfully. If you're looking for "pristine sound quality", look elsewhere - there's nothing pristine about this thing. On the other hand, if you want an electronic instrument with the sonic richness and complexity of an acoustic instrument, the R-880 is right up your alley.


I wouldn't describe it as "built like a tank", but I've never had any problems with it whatsoever.

General Comments

I play an eclectic mix of mostly mellower electronic styles - dub, ambient, instrumental hip-hop, and so forth - as well as a bit of house and psytrance. It's perfect for dub.


I'm strictly an amateur, but I've been making music in my home studio for about a decade now. My other instruments are analog synths, samplers, and effects; I record into a Pro Tools Digi001.


If my R-880 got stolen, I'd almost certainly buy another if I came across one. Heck, as cheap as these things are, you may as well buy a stack of them.


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