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Sound Quality

The presets are mainly acoustic/pop/rock oriented stuff. A few nice pianos, strings, organs, etc, but if you're looking for realistic acoustic instrument sounds, um, buy real acoustic instruments. I bought it for ambient textures and drones, and that seems to be its strong point. The recordable vector joystick is great. Create a four-element patch with the elements tuned to different notes in the same key, manipulate the joystick, and you've got a lovely tapestry of harmonics. I wish there were more ambient-oriented samples to choose from. I don't need no steenkin' tuba. I wonder if it would be possible to burn a custom ROM with my own samples...(please email me if you know anything the feasability about this) Each patch consists of either two or four Elements, depending on its configuration. Each Element has its own envelope, pitch, velocity/aftertouch curves, LFO, etc.


I've only had it for a couple of days, but it seems fairly solid.

General Comments

I think it'll be a nice complement to my mostly analog kit. Sure wish that joystick transmitted MIDI though.

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