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Sound Quality

This pedal is vary limited in what I can do. It makes a little noise with my home practice setup but I have not played it on my live setup. At home I use a Line 6 POD pro because I live in an apartment and it is the only thing that I have tried that could give me an ok sound through headphones. The POD effects are horrible and are even more limited that the DOD. This thing has more that one control and a few decent sounds out of it. The tone is not a pro sound, but I didn’t pay anything for this thing anyway. I plan to continue on using it unless I get extra money to buy a good practice effects board or if I get lazy and decide not to connect the extra cables. But knowing me I probably will just end up cannibalizing it to modify or fix something else.


This thing is not made of paper so I can not give it a –10. It has all board mounted components and the switch is a vary bad design. For home use it should never break. But if you plan on using it live I don’t expect it to last that long. If you think I am full of it just look inside and see what a mess this thing is.

General Comments

I have been playing since 1996. I have tried countless other chorus pedals and wound up liking a old Ibanez because it fit my sound. This pedal was given to me by a friend after I let him try my Ibanez RC-99, witch is no longer made. After he played my chorus pedal he bought one used on Ebay for $110. The DOD FX64 Ice Box sells for half of that new. For the money it is not that bad, but if you are looking for great sound and durability look else ware. Just because of the low price and it works I give it a 6. If money was no object I would give it a 2.

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