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Sound Quality

I use this pedal with a Les Paul Studio and a Kubicki Strat copy going through a Marshall 1x12 Jubilee Amp. With extensive tweaking, one can get some good sounds with this pedal, after a while I just gave up. The overdrive/distortions suck on this pedal. They are very thin and kazoo like. Very phony sounding. Greatly lacking in any tonal quality what so ever. Instead I would use my amp's natural overdrive. The phaser portion of this pedal also sucks. It is very noisy with a static sound. I did however like the reverbs and the delays on this pedal. The wah did not impress me with this pedal. Very weak sounding. I liked my RP-1 a lot better and regret trading it in for this "wonderful creation". The tuner on this pedal is absolutely useless.


Not a reliable pedal. I have owned it for 5 years and it is curently dead. I did this review to discourage anybody from buying one. Technology has come along way and one can do better buying something new.

General Comments

I regret buying this pedal. I should have kept my RP-1

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