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Sound Quality

i use this with a line 6 dl4, boss rv-3 reverb delay and proco turbo rat into a fender blues jr. This thing KILLS. It makes my amp sound like it's about to burst into flames in the very best way. When the reverb and delays get thick you can lose alot of volume and definition...step on this baby and it creates a My Bloody Valentine-esque in your face swirling mass out of what once was just indecipherable noise. Also, when used as a boost by itself it creates a nice crunchy 70's rock vibe...all around great pedal, indespensible. Not noisey at all.


It's a BOSS, it'll be ok.

General Comments

I play mostly sonic youth, pixies style indie music with a good bit of wolfmother/fu manchu styled stoner rock on the side. This pedal is an integral part of all of my sounds. A great buy....if you are contemplating it, go for it.

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