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Sound Quality

I play this through a Fender Blues Deville 4x10 with a Gibson Les Paul Classic and this pedal reproduces a great tube crunch for some of those chord progressions that need an overdriven tube sound. It is not noisy really until you turn it to the boost. Then it gets louder and more distorted. Two good settings I have found are at 12' o clock a nice tube crunch and at 3 to 4 o clock an ok lead sound. Also, this pedal can make other dist. pedals sound warmer. I use it sometimes with a Big Muff and the sound is massive....I would recommend this pedal for this category alone.


You can depend on it and gig without a backup but make sure you bring batteries!!!

General Comments

This pedal is cheap and does the things a rock musician needs it to do. I have played other DOD pedals and personally I do not like them..this is in my opinion the best DOD pedal there is besides the grunge which is good but too loud. But if you like to rock and want that nice crunch sound this is a inexpensive option

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