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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

WOW...I bought this amp as a back up for $275.I played it for 15-20 min and took it home.that is where I really got to play with it.This amp sounds OUTSTANDING!!! I put some JJ Tesla tubes in it 32 bucks.This amp does not have a blackface fender clean tone but that isn't a bad thing at all it has more of a Matchless chimey tone.the other channel has a great useable overdrive/distortion.I absolutley love the sound of this amp with a strat or a tele.I have had a twin reverb 70's great cleans(P to P),custom vibrolux(not even close to an old one DO NOT BUY NEW),Bassman(Nice),HR deville(sucks),classic 50(decent)classic 30(good value)ampeg jet... etc....It sounds different than the above amps but every bit as good or better than any of them.this is the best deal I ever got on a guitar amp


it is a tube amp stuff happens...play with a backup..it is made in USA.wouldn't be too worried about it blowing up

General Comments

been playing 20+ years.have had 15 or so tube amps and played alot of great amps owned by others and at music stores.I love the sound of this amp.. it isnt a fender or marshall, more like a vox or matchless.I dont hate anything about this amp.I run analog pedals(Fulltone, Voodoo lab)No junk, into the clean channel.I would love a Dr Z maz38 or a Matchless 30 watt $1800-$2500 for either one.this so much better than a mexican made hotrod deluxe or deville.If you are on a budget and need great tone for a modest price look no further.

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