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Jim M

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I play an American Std. Tele w/a Danny Gatton (Joe Barden) pickup in bridge and a beat up old Strat using Duncan Antiquities all throughout. This amp does cover all the tone selections needed for most styles of music because of the amp modeling, but HEED MY WARNING. When playing out and needing the 'drive' and openness of a real tube amplifier, this amp completely pukes out. Very over compressed and over-processed. I was playing next to a Peavey Classic 30 and could not keep up at ANY volume. It sounds like there's a blanket over this amp at any high volume levels, and it sounds like it's 'choked' or 'straining'. So, as far as sounds are concerned, I have to give it high marks for some nice modeled tones. From a Vox AC30TB to a Mesa rectifier tone, it does a great job at low/moderate volume, but DON'T BUY THIS AMP IF YOU'RE EXPECTING TO PLAY OUT AND NOT BE MIKED UP! It's a nice amp for recording, but it's basically a 50w practice amp.


Had it in twice in a week for cold solder joint repairs.

General Comments

Been playing for 25+ years. I would NOT but another one of these amps if it was lost/stolen. I 'undid' the deal I made for this amp to get my Vintage Club 60 back (Crate). This amp is not the tone-modeling panacea all guitar players search for. It is still a transistor amplifier, and cheaply built to boot. (Mine was made in Korea) Take my advice, if you're looking for multiple tones, get yourself a 30-50w ALL TUBE AMP and a few pedals. This amp had no volume overhead and falls apart in real-world applications. Trust me.

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